Fat burning kitchen book

Fat Burning Kitchen Review

Diet and weight loss books are a dime a dozen… and yet, obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Why is this so? The answer is simple. People are given too much information, and most of it is just rubbish. To lose weight successfully, you only need to know what matters. And it’s really not that much. […]

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healthy food on a plate

The Importance Of Meal Planning When Raising Kids

Meal planning is important for your child’s overall well-being. Apart from the fact that it ensures everyone around the home gets the nutritional benefits that come with planning every meal, meal planning helps with brain development in your kids and protects them from chronic illnesses. Planning your every meal may seem to overtax especially with […]

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healthy plate of food

Healthy Eating When Working From Home

Many people enjoy working from home and it is easy to see why. They are in control of their time and movements, no commuting and they dress however they like. Who doesn’t like convenience? Not only do they get to enjoy the previously mentioned but, they also do not have to pack or buy lunch. […]

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exercising at the beach

7 Daily Habits to Increase Your Metabolism

English poet, John Dryden, once said,  “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”  And he was absolutely right.  This quote can be applied to any worthwhile goal you  can achieve in life, including raising your metabolic rate. Doctors and scientists are still unsure as to why our metabolism drops as we […]

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40 Healthy Snacks You Can Pack in a Lunch Box

  Rice cakes – Spread with natural peanut butter and top with banana slices or raisins. Whole wheat cheese sandwich – Cut it in half for a smaller snack. Turkey and cheese wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla – Skip the mayonnaise and fill it up with plenty of lettuce and tomatoes instead. Fruit […]

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Running with your dog

Running With Your Dog

There are many benefits for both of you when you go running with your dog. Your four-footed friend has a job to do – stay beside you or pull you along if you start lagging behind. He’s also getting worn out so he’ll take a nice long nap later instead of getting into mischief. Plus […]

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walking in your lunchbreak

Fit and Healthy on your Lunch Break

What do you do on your lunch break each day? Do you go out to a diner or restaurant with colleagues and friends, sit at your desk and work through lunch, or do you hang out and gossip in the break room? Are you also the person who is constantly complaining that you would exercise, […]

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Green tea

Green Tea and Weight Loss

No supplement or weight loss program is known to work miracles. However, studies do indicate that green tea has many benefits in store for those enrolled in weight loss programs. For over 4,000 years the Chinese people have been drinking and using green tea as a cure for several ailments. It has become associated with […]

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riding a bike

5 Reasons to Get out of the Car and Onto a Bike

Tens of millions of people commute to work every day. Many choose to drive to work, while others elect to take a bus or train. However, few people choose to cycle. Cycling may be the best choice though and here are five reasons why it’s good to get out of your car and onto a […]

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healthy eating daily

Healthy Eating Daily

Developing healthy eating habits is easier than you might think if you make the transition to healthy eating gradually. Daily healthy eating begins with fresh food simply cooked, lots of fresh vegetables, salads and fruits and smaller helpings of meat, fish, poultry, seeds, nuts, pulses and wholegrain. You also need to drink plenty of water. […]

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