bowl of strawberries

Healthy Eating Daily

Developing healthy eating habits is easier than you might think if you make the transition to healthy eating gradually. Daily healthy eating begins with fresh food simply cooked, lots of fresh vegetables, salads and fruits and smaller helpings of meat, fish, poultry, seeds, nuts, pulses and wholegrain. You also need to drink plenty of water. […]

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breakfast with yoghurt

Does Eating Yogurt Help Fortify Your Immune System

Yogurt is a well-known health food, and that’s for a good reason. There are many benefits to eating yogurt, when it comes to your diet and when it comes to your immune system. Given that it’s so versatile, you should be able to work it in without much trouble, and it can be added to […]

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red peppers, garlic and more

Are Multivitamins Effective in Boosting Your Immune System

Most  people are aware that vitamins are a big part of keeping your immune system working properly. From vitamin C to B6, they all play some kind of role in keeping your body disease free. Many people get these vitamins from food, but others opt to get them from pills and gummies. Instead of taking […]

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healthy diet

A Simple 1,200 Calorie Diet Plan

If you want to be successful for the long term in losing weight,  a good approach would be to reduce the number of calories you consume each day.    Following a simple 1,200 calorie diet is a good way to do this. This type  of diet plan can help you lose a little or a lot […]

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healthy meal

Tips for Healthy Meal Planning

To stay healthy you need to eat healthy. Contrary to what many people believe, planning a healthy meal is not difficult. The following are some easy tips to help you create your healthy meal plan. Plan Ahead You might find it difficult to take time out from your busy schedule to make a healthy meal […]

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red and black berries

The Power of Antioxidants

Everyone wants to grow old gracefully.   Some go under the knife to get that youthful look while others opt for a more natural way to maintain that healthy glow. The way to make peace with age can be found in the types of foods that we eat and the miracle ingredients they contain. This hidden […]

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man stretching

Toning Exercises – Five Easy Ones You Can Do Anywhere

Exercise is an important part of our lives. Staying in shape is one way to increase your life expectancy. Weight bearing exercises are important also for increasing muscle mass and bone density as you age. With a busy lifestyle, making time for exercise is a challenge. Weight bearing exercises aren’t just for bodybuilders. As you […]

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cooking chicken

Reduce the Fat in Your Meal With These Cooking Methods

If you are watching your weight, or want to lose some, changing the way you cook your food is one way to help keep the weight off and some of the fat out of your diet. If you cook your food yourself, you know what exactly is in it.   By using fresh ingredients, you eliminate […]

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