7 Signs That You Aren’t Eating Enough Vegetables

Along with a diet rich in whole grains and fruits, vegetables can deliver all of the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals you need for excellent health.  Unfortunately, today’s Standard American Diet (its acronym is ‘SAD’ for a reason) is lacking in healthy vegetables which have a vital role in good nutrition.  This is the same basic processed and sugar-filled diet that is prevalent in most modern societies and cultures.

If processed and fast foods delivered nutrition, there would not be a problem.
However they are lacking in most of the natural components and compounds your body needs to function properly.  You are probably not eating enough vegetables on a daily basis if any of the following signs sound familiar to you.

1 – You have problems regulating a healthy body weight – If you are eating more processed foods than vegetables, you could be underweight, overweight or obese. Those conditions lead to more serious health problems, and can often be helped by eating more vegetables.

2 – You have been diagnosed with heart problems – This could be due to family history and heredity. However, if your doctor tells you heart disease, stroke and heart attacks are on your horizon and there is no family history of these events, you need to begin eating more vegetables.

3 – You are sick frequently – A healthy immune system, your body’s natural defense system against infection and sickness, depends on a steady diet of the nutrients found in vegetables.

4 – You experience regular digestive issues – Vegetables are high in fiber. Because of this, they help to regulate your digestive system. Chronic bloating, upset stomach, gas, hemorrhoids, constipation and pains in your midsection may all be corrected with a healthy and steady dose of vegetables.

5 – You are tired all the time – If your body does not get the wonderfully healthy phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins vegetables provide, your sleep cycle can be thrown off. This means you have a problem sleeping at night, and staying awake during the day.

6 – Your skin, hair and teeth are unhealthy – A vegetable-rich diet leads to overall body health. Outward signs of a diet devoid of enough vegetables can include dry and damaged skin and hair, hair loss, scurvy and a multitude of dental problems.

7 – You are frequently stressed out, anxious or depressed – Hormones regulate your moods and emotions. These hormones start acting up when you don’t eat right. A diet rich in vegetables gives your body all of the hormone-healthy nutrition it needs to help you handle stressful and high-anxiety situations correctly. You will also find you suffer fewer erratic mood swings when your diet includes a lot of vegetables.

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