A Simple 1,200 Calorie Diet Plan

If you want to be successful for the long term in losing weight,  a good approach would be to reduce the number of calories you consume each day.    Following a simple 1,200 calorie diet is a good way to do this.

This type  of diet plan can help you lose a little or a lot of weight. One of the reasons it is so successful is because you can eat healthy foods, feel full and still be able to drop weight.

The way that the diet works is by having users consume fewer calories than they’re going to burn in fuel.

This usually means that if you’re an average eater who consumes 1,700 calories a day, you’re going to cut 500 calories from your diet and not eat over 1,200 calories.

By taking this step, you can expect to lose at least a pound a week, but usually more in the beginning. The diet is perfect for people who aren’t expending a lot of calories. They’re not regular exercisers and they may even have developed a couch potato lifestyle.

Because most people who need to diet aren’t as physically active as they should be, cutting calories is the first step to successful weight loss. The diet is easy to follow. You just have to track the number of calories that you eat.

You have to make sure that you don’t try to go any lower than that, because it’s just not healthy for your body. Because most people consume a lot more than 1,200 calories, you’re going to get some resistance from your body.

But if you create an eating plan where you’re eating throughout the day, then you can avoid that. The trick is to make sure that your foods are filling. Choose foods that are low in calories, but make you feel as if you’ve eaten a lot.

A lot of raw vegetables can do this and so can certain types of fruit. It’s easy to get started on this diet. All you need to do is take the amount of calories that you get to have and divide them up between your meals and snacks.

Save most of your calories for when you know you’re going to be hungrier. Use that to create your meal plan and stick to it. There are some mistakes that you’re going to want to avoid.

Don’t snack. You can easily add several hundred calories to your intake if you snack throughout the day – even on low calorie foods. Don’t skip out on water. Water can help alleviate hunger pangs and keep you from overeating.

Just be honest about your calories.  If you think you had a 100 calorie snack when it was closer to 300, you are not really doing yourself any favors.   If you’re diligent, you will lose weight. Just make sure that you know the right count of every bite of food and log it faithfully.


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