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Top 10 Diet Tips

By far the most popular resolution people make each year is to lose weight. Many people start their diet with the best of intentions but many fall by the wayside within a few months.It’s time now to break that cycle and here are ten tips that will help you get started.

Tip One

The best day to start a diet is a Monday, because it is after the weekend when a lot of people go out for a meal. Monday also seems to be perceived as the first day of the week.

Tip Two

Plan what meals you will make for the week and make out a list of the groceries that you will need. By planning ahead you can make one trip to the grocery store to buy all of the foods you need for the week. By going just once, there is less temptation to buy junk foods.

Tip Three

A good way to help you to stay on track with your diet is to pre-pack serving sizes of healthy snacks. When you have your healthy choices on hand you will be less likely to turn to food that is not on your diet.

Tip Four

Don’t skip meals. Some people think that by skipping meals they will lose weight. But this actually lowers your metabolism To lose weight you need to keep your metabolism at a high rate to burn the calories and skipping meals just sabotages your efforts.

Tip Five

Follow a diet that allows you to eat every two to three hours. This way you will not feel constantly hungry during the diet and will be better able to stick to your diet plan.

Tip Six

Try to include a small serving of protein and a carbohydrate for every meal to give you energy through the day. At times through the day, people sometimes crave a sugary snack. A healthy snack of protein and carbohydrates will give you the energy without the dose of sugar of those other snacks.

Tip Seven

Doing 45 minutes of cardio exercise at least three to four times a week will make sure that you are burning off the carories that you eat through the day.

Tip Eight

A great way to lose weight is to do resistance training as this builds muscle tone, which burns calories more efficiently.

Tip Nine

This diet tip is simple, but works. Drink more water. Water is one of the most unused diet tools in your arsenal to lose weight. Drinking water helps to keep you hydrated and can help you to consume less food over the course of your day.

Tip Ten

Keep a food journal, it is an important way to track what you eat each day. You can also write down in your journal the exercises you do and your thoughts on losing weight.

By following these diet tips, hopefully it will help you stick to your diet and to stay healthy.

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